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  • Amy’s Gluten Free Rice Mac & Cheese

    I’ve been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease for about four years now and have never been able to eliminate gluten from my diet for longer than a week at a time. There’s a number of reasons for this: executive dysfunction, time, inclination, cost and taste, but my health has taken a decline and I need to seriously take care of myself.

    I’ve worked through the reasons, and have come up with solutions: don’t be too proud to buy ready meals, ignore price tags (but also try to get some basics on prescription), actually try new things and keep a record of what tastes good, and what’s bloody awful. The latter part is going to be recorded here on my blog so a) I can’t lose my verdicts and b) someone else with Coeliac Disease can take a look and decide whether something is worth trying themselves.

    First up is Amy’s Gluten Free Rice Mac & Cheese.

    Where’s it found?

    Tesco freezer aisle.

    How easy is it to cook?

    It’s cooked from frozen in either the microwave or oven. I chose the microwave because it’s quick and easy – it was ready in fewer than ten minutes.

    What’s it like?

    It’s actually alright. If you’ve ever had the Heinz tinned mac and cheese it’s a little like that. It’s stodgy, has a slightly strange powdery feel mixed in with the stodge and is *very* cheesy, but it’s a lot better than I expected. I wouldn’t want to eat it too regularly as I think I’d feel pretty sick, but as a quick and filling meal it’s definitely a good freezer filler. I’d say it’s a lot closer to its company promise than most gluten free fare.

    Rating: 3.5/5 – Would buy again