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  • The Black Dog Cometh

    The black dog cometh, stalking me in the night

    Ears pricked, nose keen, following the trail,

    His paws pad the floor softly, keeping me in sight

    He follows close, never leaving, he will never fail

    To keep near me, he closes in, waiting to pounce,

    Crouched in shadows, bearing teeth, eyes flash,

    He strikes silently, he doesn’t announce

    His arrival, until he envelopes me, jaws gnash

    He has me in his grip, darkness washes over me

    I am engulfed, can’t fight it; no longer see light.

    Despair begins to drown me, like a riptide at sea…

    The black dog cometh, stalking me in the night.

  • Hidden

     “You’re doing well” they say,

    if only they knew the truth.

    How my quest to hide from conflict,

    my need to save others from hurt,

    mean my pain hides inside.

    My despair, an invisible noose around my neck.

    My anxiety forever knots my stomach.

    My tears only come in the safety of darkness,

    when I am alone with my thoughts.

    The daylight sees only my smile.