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Welcome to Cerebration of Kat - a celebration of neurodivergent thought

Lockdown seems to be the perfect opportunity to completely revamp my website, particularly due to some exciting news I’ve received about my involvement in the Autistic community – I am now one of the Directors of Autistic UK CIC.

My site contains a blend of everything I do in both a personal and professional capacity. From advocacy to creative writing, it’s all here. For more information, please check out ‘About Me’ and my talks section.

Today I want to talk about the importance of enabling communication for autistic people.
I also want to thank the huge number of autistic people who took part in this latest poll on whether we can always use spoken language, when we need to/ thread

Do any of my wheelchair user followers have any suggestions?

It would be absolutely swell if I could one day read literature that doesn't make me want to scream into the void. I mean, it's one of the reasons I'm 'going into research', but today is HARD.

What does one wear to be interviewed for TV? Should I wear business attire? Do I own business attire?

@SvladCjelli42 @KatWilliams123 @dr_sara_jones @Prof_AmyBrown @DrSchniff @SwanseaHSC @AutisticUK I'll soon have findings from a survey of Autistic maternity care users (with @HayleyMorganAut & @SarahTurner11 ) & a realist review of what autism health passports achieve - short answer is not much (with @Bex_does_work ).Both with @KatWilliams123 @Prof_AmyBrown I'm Happy to chat

I must say, the UK med shortage which nobody seems to be talking about is a right pain in the backside if you’re prescribed controlled drugs. I won’t go too much into how I feel about the fact prescription meds in this category are handled badly anyway, but ugh I have a 🧵1/13