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Welcome to Cerebration of Kat - a celebration of neurodivergent thought

Lockdown seems to be the perfect opportunity to completely revamp my website, particularly due to some exciting news I’ve received about my involvement in the Autistic community – I am now one of the Directors of Autistic UK CIC.

My site contains a blend of everything I do in both a personal and professional capacity. From advocacy to creative writing, it’s all here. For more information, please check out ‘About Me’ and my talks section.

Just learnt about the recent addition to Google Maps of the Accessible Places feature

User-added data on wheelchair accessibility (entrances, seating, elevators, toilets, and parking) is now visible

It may be limited data, and accuracy is unknown, but a positive step forwards!

We've got one BSL interpreter booked for our August 6th Downing Street Trans Rights Protest, but we still need to book a second.

Paid. Needs familiarity with LGBTQIA+ terms. 1pm-5pm. Would have a second interpreter present.

Email TransRightsProtest to discuss rates.
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So, apparently I can't apply for DSA unless each of my consultants writes a new evidence letter because unless the words 'lifelong condition' is on there (which often it isn't) with full info re: how it'll affect studies, and it being 'up-to-date' diagnosis, SFW will reject. 1/

18 miles today with over 2000ft elevation. I showed last Sunday’s run who the boss is. 😂 #RunChat #UKRunChat #UltraTraining KatWilliams123 photo

This mystery woman, with her glittery blue gel pen, is all of us. KatWilliams123 photo

Procrastinating going in the shower because then I have to leave for my postgrad campus tour. I’ve lived in Cardiff most of my life, but still struggle with directions so I’m worried I’m going to get lost. Also about going. Anxiety has hit.