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Welcome to Cerebration of Kat - a celebration of neurodivergent thought

Lockdown seems to be the perfect opportunity to completely revamp my website, particularly due to some exciting news I’ve received about my involvement in the Autistic community – I am now one of the Directors of Autistic UK CIC.

My site contains a blend of everything I do in both a personal and professional capacity. From advocacy to creative writing, it’s all here. For more information, please check out ‘About Me’ and my talks section.

It's 4pm and I'm still in pyjamas. I'm now debating whether or not it's worth getting dressed at all.

I'm definitely not winning today.

Today's speed: sloth. It took 30 minutes to sit up and perch on the edge of my bed. I've been here for a further 30 minutes. Everything feels like a lot today, so personal expectations have been lowered to eat, drink, sit on the sofa, and try to relax. I'm very bad at the last.