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Welcome to Cerebration of Kat - a celebration of neurodivergent thought

Lockdown seems to be the perfect opportunity to completely revamp my website, particularly due to some exciting news I’ve received about my involvement in the autistic community in Wales, which I’m hoping to officially announce soon.

My site contains a blend of everything I do in both a personal and professional capacity. From advocacy to creative writing, it’s all here. For more information, please check out ‘About Me’ and my talks section.

Please bear with me while I get everything populated, and in the not too distant future I’ll be sharing my great news with you…

*National Diversity Awards: VOTE for Aubergine!* 🍆

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Today is quite a shit day for personal reasons I can't talk about just yet. I'd pledged to run 3 miles today though for #globalrunningday, so I laced up and got out.

Despite still having walk breaks, I got to my…

Do you know this stress you feel? Right now? The energy reverberating under your skin.

This is what Black people feel like all the time.

This is what kills us early if racist violence doesn’t. The stress of it.

How does it feel?

White autistic people usually get the spotlight. You know it’s true. So let us have a turn—even if we have to elbow our way in #BlackAutisticLivesMatter


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BREAKING: Independent autopsy finds that George Floyd's death "was homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain."