Home of Able To Run: A disabled neurodivergent runner in ultra marathon training

I’m going to be documenting my ultra training here, when I remember. I’m really good at starting writing projects, but life often gets in the way. I also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page which are likely to be updated far more frequently.

This will not be my polished highlights reel. For too long I’ve shared (on my personal social media) pictures of me running up mountains, obtaining personal bests, breaking down time barriers I thought were impossible. While these are all things which happen, I don’t often share the other side. The recovery. The hives because I’ve had a mast cell reaction to exercise. The pain. The digestive issues. The planning long routes via public toilets in case my bladder starts playing up.

If you want an inspo-porn story of ‘overcoming disability to run an ultra’ you’ve come to the wrong page. If you want to know the reality of doing it, the whys, the hows, and the truth that I’m blinking privileged to be able to do it, then read on. When I write.

Oh, and if anyone uses my story as an example of graded exercise therapy working, they can get in the bin.