Differently Normal

Differently Normal

Differently Normal


ISBN: 0349419043

I’m not sure how I feel about this book. I’m not a chick lit fan, so I guess it’ll appeal to those audiences more, but it was gifted to me because I’m autistic, as are my children, and the female protagonist’s sister is also autistic (with other disabilities).

I liked the selflessness and care given to the disabled girl, but it felt really “woe-is-me”, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. I do think that the reactions to her by the male protagonist’s family was pretty realistic, and I guess that carers often do get days where it all feels a bit much, but this book almost glorified that feeling in parts.

That said, it was by no means the worst depiction of disability and being a carer, and if I liked chick lit I probably would have given it more stars. I’m not going to advise people to avoid it if that’s their bag.

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