Creative Writing

Pea Head

As far as Welsh church schools go, mine (in hindsight) wasn’t particularly strict. When I started in 1996 there were a few rules that seemed archaic, like boys’ and girls’ stairs and a stupid rule that girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers, which was pretty much unheard of by then. Other than that, as far Read more

The Shadows of Tech Duinn

Dry twigs cracked beneath her feet, the only sound which permeated the deathly stillness of the night. She walked slowly, deliberately. She’d been preparing for this night since her midnight walks in graveyards. When she drew deep from cigarettes, wishing she could disappear with the tendrils of smoke as they drifted off into the night. Read more


There was once a man who was walking with a heavy heart. He didn’t know where his final destination lay, all he knew was he just had to keep walking. The way was long and treacherous, yet the man kept walking until he came to a forest.   The trees were tall and plentiful. The Read more