Mental Health

Autism, Bullying and Me

This is a great little book for pre-teens and teens who are affected by bullying. It’s aimed at Autistics, however I think anyone would find it useful, particularly if they have any sort of neurodivergence. It’s refreshing to read a book which doesn’t pretend that you can change anyone other than yourself. While for a Read more

Housing Crisis, Me?

On Monday of this week, I received news that nobody who rents wants, but everyone fears. My landlord is selling up, and I have to go. I’m on a training course when this phone call is taking place. I start the conversation about what needs to happen quite stoically, by the end of the call, Read more

It’s all about the BPD baby…

EDIT – I have since had this diagnosis retracted, and have a combined Autism  and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’m leaving this post up as I felt like this at the time. It is also very common for women with ASC/ADHD/c-PTSD to get misdiagnosed with BPD.    Before Read more

The Black Dog Cometh

The black dog cometh, stalking me in the night Ears pricked, nose keen, following the trail, His paws pad the floor softly, keeping me in sight He follows close, never leaving, he will never fail To keep near me, he closes in, waiting to pounce, Crouched in shadows, bearing teeth, eyes flash, He strikes silently, Read more

I should be dead…

      TRIGGER WARNING – Contains details of suicidal thought and intent, and self-harm.   On Monday 10th August 2015, I made the decision to end my life. I had been falling into the downward spiral of depression for a few days, my mood gradually deteriorating, coming to a dangerous head on that day. Read more

Depression: Child Friendly?

There are many things in life which are tested for their “child friendliness”. From pubs to hotels, theme parks to holidays, all parents want to know in advance whether their children will be well catered for and will have a good, safe time. There’s one area which hasn’t been investigated though, how “child friendly” certain Read more

Explaining Depression to Children

As I am sure you are aware, one in three people have a (diagnosable) mental health condition. I add the word diagnosable as everyone has some sort of mental idiosyncrasy which doesn’t fit in with the “norm”, be it a phobia of spiders, having to wash the dishes in a particular order or always wanting Read more