Princess and the Pea, as told by the pea – 10 minutes timed creation

Hello, is anybody there? My name is Peabody Green, and I need help. I was kidnapped and held hostage last night. I managed to escape this morning, but I’m fearful for the rest of my family.

The last thing I remember before it happened, is being in my pod with my brother and three sisters. It was cosy, dark, and cool. I was awoken by a sudden popping noise, and a pinprick of light which pierced the pod like a knife. The pod was torn in two, and a giant thumb swept through the pod remains, and detached us, one by one, making us tumble down into a bowl. I can’t tell you how many peas were in there, I was in a sea of green. I couldn’t see my family, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t roll around to search.

The giant thumb, accompanied by a finger, plucked me out of the bowl. I was enveloped in the grip of a giant, it was dark, hot, and moist. I knew we were travelling, but I couldn’t tell how far, or in which direction we had travelled. When we stopped moving, I was placed on top of a wooden board, and a large squishy object was placed on top of me. It was hard to breathe, and I couldn’t see a thing. The only thing I could do was listen.

Time passed, and I began to think I’d been forgotten. I had no idea why I’d been taken, or for what purpose, and I started to plan my escape. I heard a door open, and footsteps getting louder as someone walked towards the place I was being held. I thought it was going to be the finger and thumb again, and braced myself for the inevitable hot, moist journey which was to follow. I was surprised when the squishy thing wasn’t lifted, and instead, a large figure lay on top of it.

The squishy thing was pushed harder into me, the wooden board unyielding kept me in place. I heard a shrill voice yell something about a bed being uncomfortable, and the sound of multiple rushing footsteps followed.

The weight of the squishy thing above me kept getting heavier, and heavier; yet the shrill voice continued still. This happened over a number of hours, as each one passed I prayed for it all to stop…

The weight was finally lifted, and I rolled off the wooden board. I fell, forgotten onto the dusty floor and made my way to a corner, it is from this corner I am making my plea. Please, someone help me.


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