Public Speaking

I have spoken at a number of events, and have appeared in the media speaking about being a late-diagnosed autistic woman. I have also delivered child-friendly talks in school assemblies so the next generation grows up not just with autism awareness, but autism acceptance.

Below I’ve included a summary of a selection of the talks I offer, and past events I’ve attended in a speaking or advisory role, together with links to my appearances in the media:

Autism and Education – First delivered at the Going Gold for Autism event at the Senedd, 2nd April 2019.

A discussion of what it’s really like to be neurodivergent in a classroom designed for neurotypicals including the barriers to accessing support, what schools are getting wrong and what they’re getting right, and explaining how schools need to be SMARTER in their approach.

Target audience: parents, educators, and other professionals working with autistic and otherwise neurodivergent children.

Impact of disability and benefits on accessing affordable and suitable housing – Panellist at the Tai Pawb Truth to Power conference 16th May 2019

I talked about the lack of affordable, accessible housing for disabled people due to landlords outright banning people who access housing benefit. The discussion included affordability, physical accessibility, the mental toll of living in insecure housing, and the impact the lack of social housing has on our community.

While this was a panel discussion, I can easily create a talk around this issue. Target audience: professionals working in housing, landlords. 

Piece of Mind: Mental Health & Psychiatry Episode 7: Autism – I was a guest speaker on the NCMH mental health podcast Piece of Mind together with Professor Jeremy Hall who, coincidentally, was the lead diagnostician for the team who diagnosed me.

You can listen to the podcast here.

In the Media

BBC News Article – 27th September 2018.

The BBC spoke to me about my late diagnosis. You can read the article here.