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Autism, Bullying and Me

This is a great little book for pre-teens and teens who are affected by bullying. It’s aimed at Autistics, however I think anyone would find it useful, particularly if they have any sort of neurodivergence. It’s refreshing to read a book which doesn’t pretend that you can change anyone other than yourself. While for a Read more

An Autistic’s Experience of Coronavirus Lockdown

Monday 16th March 2020 was the last day of normalcy my family had before Coronavirus permeated our lives. It had been looming on the horizon, a new threat that only some were taking seriously, but up until that Monday evening we were still able to cling onto some cognitive dissonance: yes we knew Coronavirus was Read more

It’s all about the BPD baby…

EDIT – I have since had this diagnosis retracted, and have a combined Autism  and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’m leaving this post up as I felt like this at the time. It is also very common for women with ASC/ADHD/c-PTSD to get misdiagnosed with BPD.    Before Read more