Reflexive Poetry: A re-writing of Natura Naturans by Clough

I walked into the car and sat
Beside a young lone gentleman.
Some gentle energy flowed through
We two, connecting as it ran.
I cannot look, he’d think me wrong
I must suppress this fantasy
Of lives entwined within my breast,
He must assume my chastity.

We sit – don’t speak – within the car
United in both breath and power
Fate could re-join us in this place
To bloom into the sweetest flower.
Yet I’d not know nor see his face
In reflection it’s distorted
Still, sensations can’t be denied;
In silent car we are courted.

Lo little looping ladybird
Midst swallows swooping and soaring,
Agile antelope speeding past
Lazy Orient lions roaring.
And brightly coloured fish who swim
Darting in and out the coral,
Display to us that natural power
Within us can’t be immoral.

From pupa butterflies emerge
Bright chameleon sheds his skin,
Birds cast off down to spread their wings
Embracing change their lives begin.
Just as the moon drags swelling tides
To sensuously sweep the shore,
The stars will fade against the light
Of the sun warming Earth once more.

Anteros claimed us in this car
And Juno gave us her blessing,
‘Twas only after Eve succumbed
Natural needs we were suppressing.
Within the garden of the Lord
His children lay bare and sinless,
Love and Desire were held in grace
As our needs are borne within us.

Find a copy of the original poem here

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